Food in Kazakhstan - Kazakh Food, Kazakh Cuisine

Kazakhstan is located in southern Asia between Russia and Uzbekistan. Approximately 80 percent of the land consist of lowlands, plains, and plateaus.

Food in Kenya - Kenyan Food, Kenyan Cuisine

Kenya is located in East Africa near the Equator (the imaginary line that divides the Earth into the Northern and Southern Hemispheres). The country is approximately twice the size of Nevada.

Food in Korea - Korean Food, Korean Cuisine

The Korean Peninsula is a large finger of land that extends south from the northeastern border of China into the ocean parallel to Japan. It is surrounded by the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea.

Food in Lebanon - Lebanese Food, Lebanese Cuisine

Situated on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Lebanon has an area of 4,015 square miles (10,400 square kilometers), about three-fourths the size of the state of Connecticut. The Lebanon Mountains are rugged.

Food in Liberia - Liberian Food, Liberian Cuisine

Located on the west coast of Africa, Liberia has an area of about 43,000 square miles (111,370 square kilometers), slightly larger than the state of Tennessee. The Nimba Mountains, near the Guinea border, rise to 4,528 feet (1,380 meters), and the Wologizi Mountains reach a maximum of about 4,450 feet (1,356 meters).

Food in Mexico - Mexican Food, Mexican Cuisine

Mexico is located directly south of the United States. It is slightly less than three times the size of Texas.

Food in Morocco - Moroccan Food, Moroccan Cuisine

Morocco is located in the northwestern corner of Africa. Morocco is slightly larger in area than California, and its territory has three different regions.

Food in Mozambique - Mozambican Food, Mozambican Cuisine

Located on the southeastern coast of Africa, Mozambique has an area of 309,496 square miles (801,590 square kilometers), slightly less than twice the size of the state of California. Mozambique is 44% coastal lowlands.

Food in Nigeria - Nigerian Food, Nigerian Cuisine

The name Nigeria is taken from the Niger River, which plays an important part in Nigerian lives. Not only is it a transportation highway, it is an excellent source of fish, including carp, Nile perch, and catfish.

Food in Pakistan - Pakistani Food, Pakistani Cuisine

Pakistan lies northwest of India and west of China. The country's name comes from the Urdu language (Pakistan's official language), meaning "Land of the Pure." It is approximately the size of Texas and its southern coast borders the Arabian Sea.

Food in Peru - Peruvian Food, Peruvian Cuisine

Peru is South America's third-largest country, with an area of 496,226 square miles (1,285,220 square kilometers), slightly smaller than the state of Alaska. Peru is divided into three contrasting topographical regions: the coast, the Andean highlands, and the Amazon rainforest to the east, with 18 rivers and 200 tributaries.

Food in Philippines - Filipino Food, Filipino Cuisine

The Republic of the Philippines consists of a group of 7,107 islands situated southeast of mainland Asia and separated from it by the South China Sea. The two largest islands are Luzon (40,814 square miles/105,708 square kilometers), and Mindanao (36,906 square miles/95,586 square kilometers).

Food in Poland - Polish Food, Polish Cuisine

Poland is in Eastern Europe. It is a little smaller than New Mexico, and has lowlands, a narrow coastal area with rocky cliffs, and a southern region rich with minerals and fertile farmland.

Food in Russia - Russian Food, Russian Cuisine

Russia is the largest country in Europe, with 6.6 million square miles (17 million square kilometers). It is 1.8 times the size of the United States.

Food in Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabian Food, Saudi Arabian Cuisine

Saudi Arabia, the third-largest country in Asia, constitutes about four-fifths of the Arabian Peninsula. The other countries that share the peninsula—Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait—are all much smaller in area.

Food in Slovenia - Slovenian Food, Slovenian Cuisine

Slovenia is located in central Europe and shares boundaries with Austria (north), Hungary (east), Croatia (south), and Italy (west). It has a small coastal area in the southwest region, which borders the Adriatic Sea.

Food in South Africa - South African Food, South African Cuisine

South Africa is a large country at the southern tip of the African continent. It is slightly less that twice the size of Texas.